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Three Day Business Checkup

Every business, no matter how successful, suffers tough stretches. Sometimes the stretch is temporary and the business pulls right out of the slide. Other times, the stretch turns out to be an early sign of far larger issues moving into the forefront.

If your business is sliding into difficulty, it is always better to deal with it while the company still has some flexibility. To wait until the bank moves against you or you miss payroll makes no sense. Better to act than be acted upon.

If you sense your business is facing headwinds, do not hesitate to reach out via email or telephone. A three day checkup of your business will focus on the following:

Business Summary

  • Product or Services Offered
  • Legal Structure(s)
  • Location(s) and Asset Base
  • Overview of Key Employees
  • Review of Existing Business Plan

Review of Financial Data

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Depreciation Schedules

Calculation of Key Ratios

  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Balance Sheet Strength or Weakness
  • Profitability and Margin Trends
  • Cash Flow Generation
  • Overhead Factors
  • Working Capital Ratios

Debt Structure

  • EBITDA Generation
  • Debt Coverage Ratios and Trend
  • Discretionary and Free Cash Flow
  • Opportunities for Debt Cost Savings

Competitive Market Position

  • Sales Trends
  • Customer Base
  • Margin and Margin Calculations
  • Competitors Position in Market
  • Pricing Trends

After the data has been reviewed and various calculations compiled, you will be issued a final summary along with recommendations for consideration.

Final Report to Client

  • Financial Data Summary
  • Summary of Debt Service Capability
  • Cost Reduction Opportunity Summary
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Operational Improvement Summary
  • Goals for Consideration


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